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Support the Daily Office

The Daily Office, an online congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, publishes Morning and Evening Prayer to 3,650,000 people a year, at a cost of one-half cent per person.

In addition, we webcast the prayers live 300 times per year – but never on Sunday. We also welcome 400,000 visitors a year, more than the National Cathedral. Yet we have the carbon footprint of a lightbulb.

How? We’re not sure, but God Invented the Internet So We Can Talk to Each Other™.

Frankly it’s enough to make Thomas Cranmer’s head explode, and ours too!

We simply believe, with John and Charles Wesley, that the best way to conform our lives to Christ is to pray the Daily Office every day and receive Communion every Sunday. Pray with us twice a day, every day for 30 days, and You’re Bound to Get Closer to God™.

There is no limit to what the Holy Spirit can do. That’s not a trademark, that’s a fact.

Here’s another one: we have 5000 daily e-mail subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook members, and we grow 40% a year, every year.

We need your help to keep this up. We have begun work on upgrading our three websites (English, Spanish, Asia-Pacific) and developing our own social network. We understand ourselves to be a community; the DailyOffice is more “we” thing than “I” thing. We want to develop the “we.”

We have members of many denominations in all 50 states and 200 countries; we are Protestant and Catholic both. We provide access to Episcopal services for people rural and urban, rich and poor, shut-in and on the go; we offer a safe place for those who have been alienated and abused, and we’re a great place for questions and dialogue.

We are progressive and multicultural, justice-oriented and active in missions, including Haiti, South Sudan and American Indian reservations. Our favorite musical group is the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge, but our verger’s a 10-pound rat terrier.

We are visual as well as verbal; we make videos, have our own YouTube channel and publish our own newspaper. We speak hip-hop; we sing country. And we are absolute pushovers for acolytes and altar guilds, jazz masses and art installations, festivals, feasts and fasts.

We “proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ,” according to our Baptismal Covenant. We welcome clergy, and our leadership is lay. We are evangelists and intercessors. This year we’ll sponsor our first spiritual retreat.

We are blessed to have the Rt. Rev. Catherine M. Waynick, Bishop of Indianapolis, as our Episcopal Visitor.

Come and see us, then consider a tax-deductible donation; we welcome gifts large and small. Please pray before you click.

Thank you for your help and your prayers; God bless us every one.++